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Memorization, which often includes (but is not limited to) rote learning, is a method of learning that conditions an individual to recall important information verbatim.
Rote rehearsal involves repetition, with the assumption that an individual can learn a necessary process or an amount of information through repetitive action or study, such to the point that it becomes near-automatic.

This technique is the most often one used, though there are alternatives. In memorizing items such as words, it can often increase efficiency to be used during more involved techniques, such as story-telling.
Related subjects include the spacing-effect, which shows that an individual is more likely to remember a list of items when rehearsal is spaced over an interval of time. (For example, in memorizing words such as dog, fish, house, book, it is more effective to rehearse dog-fish-house-book-dog-fish-house-book, etc., than dog-dog-fish-fish-house-house-book-book.)

Courtesy : wikipedia

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